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The International Hairstylists Society was created in 1956 by a group of dedicated men and women in the hairdressing industry. We provide a platform for Hairdressers to express their talent and creativity ensuring their peers can learn from each other. We are facilitators of competitions for the hairdressing industry.

IHS competitions provide Hairdressers – Students of hairdressing colleges, Apprentices, and Senior Hairdressers the opportunity to demonstrate their creative skills, in a competition forum, with the support of their peers, employers and co-workers. For the spectators, the work show cased at these events is not to be missed.

Attending external Industry events provide your Students

  • the opportunity to network with industry and future employers
  • inspiration for assignments and assessments
  • Motivation to seek further training
  • An opportunity to showcase their skills and be recognised.

Participate in IHS hairdressing competitions

  • The IHS Battle of the Colleges
  • State Awards – School of the Year
  • Pre-done Regional competitions
  • Face of IHS – Photographic

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